Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

Is it time to redesign your website?  Most of us all have memories of our grandparents.  Usually those memories include either summer visits or holidays with the grandparents.  My summers visits with my grandparents meant riding in my grandpa’s truck.  He had a 1965, holly green Ford truck.  It had a 3 speed shifter on the steering column.   At the time, I thought it was the greatest truck ever.  I loved that truck!  However, I realized one hot Texas summer day, the awesome 1965 truck didn’t have air conditioning, it didn’t have FM radio, it didn’t have power steering and some other features.  A few short years later, that awesome truck needed some work.  It had the usual rattles.  And the new models had so many new features.   Honestly, thank god it’s 2015 and most new vehicles are fuel efficient with climate controlled air conditioning, tinted windows, satellite radio, blue tooth options, power steering, power brakes, and so much more.  Why am I talking about my grandpa’s old pickup truck, instead of your WordPress site?Wordpress website redesign

It’s because nothing stays the same.  The website you had designed & developed 5 years ago is outdated.  Just like my grandpa’s old truck, there are updates and changes to keep it efficient and capable to keep up with the everyday demands.  Sometimes it’s difficult to realize that change is needed.  Change is needed to stay 2 steps ahead of the competition.  Change is needed to stay Google/search engine compliant.  Change is needed to attract new clients.  Change is needed to retain the attention of your current clients.  Sometimes change is needed because there is a security vulnerability.

Why You Need A Website Redesign

When you look back at the change logs of the WordPress, you can verify how much the platform has upgraded with new added features and security fixes.  You have to ask yourself, are all of these updates needed?  Of course they are.  The average site owner doesn’t appreciate a security fix, unless you are one of the site owners who has their website compromised.  And when you think about it, is it cheaper to maintain a compromised site or is it cheaper to keep patching it up with temporary fix?

A lot of times a company will looks at their website as a one-time expense.  And now that we’ve launched out site we don’t have to worry about it for the next 10 years.  When in reality, your marketing is changing all the time.  Marketing is a process not a project.  Marketing should be a continuous process.  Your website should be your key focal point for that process.  It’s your home base on the internet.  So, you want to make sure that not only is it redesigned on a continuous basis but it is kept current, content is posted on a regular basis, you are using it as a hub for your marketing strategy and really when it comes to redesign, it’s not just redesigning for the sake of doing something new, it will be something related to your marketing strategy.

Tips For Your Website Redesign

A well designed site shows that your company: knows who you are, what you are doing, and that you are moving, changing and growing with the times. A website that stays current in design and copy is basically saying you care about the visitor–your potential customer.


  • Content is King – Both Search Engines and human’s expect to find copy and other elements on a page that speaks to the topic. Is the page an authority on the topic?
  • Site Performance – People aren’t too keen on waiting and want the site to function as expected.  The site should be set up so that search engines can easily follow how the site is set up.
  • Best User Experience Ever – Well that should at least be the goal. The basic user experience should include a site that is easy to navigate and visitors can easily find what they came looking for.  The design of the page should support a great experience as well.


If you have more questions or specific concerns about your website, feel free to contact me.  I’m here to help!