Product & Service Updates

Towards the second half of 2015, we were able to get several of our products and services updated.  As a result, the changes allow us to focus more of our time on WordPress designs, developing sites, client solutions and other behind the scene integrations.  Take a few minutes to see what we have waiting for you.

  • WordPress Design & Development

New WordPress site design and development has always been at the core of our business.  As we expand the list of available products and services, we have full photography and videography services on hand.  This allows our future clients to take full advantage of integrating custom and unique media within their web presence. We have also made financing available for most new website development projects, which are detailed in our new 2016 proposal contracts.  Financing options are available from 12-36 month terms.

  • Account Billing

One of the changes that will notice is the accounting & billing system.  We are now fully integrated with Freshbooks.  Incase you’re not familiar with Freshbooks, it provides our time tracking for clients that are billed against their retainer.  It takes care of all the auto-reminders that you receive regarding billing/accounting.  The plus side for you, the client, you can now download each of your invoices as a PDF.  Payments are still processed through PayPal.


  • Service Contracts

In an effort to provide the best quality service and maintain clear delivery expectations, we now have service contracts for each of our retainer clients.  We spent several hours with our intellectual property legal team to refine the service terms, requirements, and expectations to meet industry standards.  Internally, I have the highest expectations of my staff and I want to make sure that each of our clients realize that we take your WordPress projects with certain level of professional expectations.  As each of you add to additional time to your account, you will receive your service contract.  If you have not received it, please contact me.


  • Managed WordPress Hosting

We have quietly refined and re-branded our hosting solution, 4 Corner Hosting with much success.  Going into 2015, it remained one of our most under valued parts of our WordPress business solutions.  However, we’ve spent a lot of time towards the product launch of our managed hosting.  Our servers are configured specifically for WordPress sites.  We have taken server security, site load times and efficiency to the next level.  While maintaining one of the highest server up-times in the industry, we offer plans for clients of all size.  Managed WordPress hosting plans start as low as $14.95 per month.