SEO To Increase Your Site Traffic

SEO is dead?  Think again!  SEO is alive, thriving and can increase your revenue by 50%.  Search engine optimization is a marketing tool that is used to increase your website’s organic traffic and search engine visibility.  There are a lot of technical and creative elements that contribute to your website traffic and rankings.  The aspects of SEO range from the words on the page to the way that your site links to other web sites.  And sometimes something as simple as, making sure your website is structured in a way that search engines can index easily.

Increase Sales


By creating a good structure, you can use the content you’ve written that has attracted links from others, and use your site’s structure to spread some of that “linkjuice” to the other pages on your site. On a commercial site, that means that you can use the quality content you’ve written to boost the search engine rankings of your sales pages too. – Joost de Valk

Do we have your attention?

The three major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing create most of the web traffic.  Even though social media creates a lot of site visitors, search engines are unique in the type of traffic that they create for your website.  Search engines provide specific items or products that visitors are using to find your web site. Example:  Recently I was shopping for a new piece of computer hardware.  As I begin to search for the product, I used a variety of keywords that allowed me to narrow my search for the exact item that I was looking for.  With the proper information, I can Google the part number and zip code to find a local distributors that stocks the item.  This is the same process that millions and millions of people do each day to expand their shopping circles.  If the search engines can’t find your website, you are missing out on a magnitude of financial opportunities.  Very often we work on client sites that are missing some of the basics such as; bad site structure, lack of key words, missing descriptions, slow loading times and invalid site maps.  As a developer, we see all of these items as a critical piece of the puzzle when we are designing and developing your new website.  However, if you are a website owner that is on a budget or just isn’t ready to invest in a custom product, you can take advantage of a few tools that will allow you to maximize your assets.


Basic SEO Factors

The following are just a sample list of things that have a major effect on your site’s SEO and organic traffic.

  • subheadings
  • keyword density
  • page titles
  • keywords
  • meta description
  • Flesch Reading Ease
  • quality and quantity of outbound links
  • load times
  • expert coding

Do you know the correct use of these items to increase your search engine rankings?  Don’t worry, we do!


Site Maps

Google took major steps in the last couple algorithm updates to remove duplicate content from search results.  Sitemaps are becoming more important as website publishers become more protective of their content.  It’s common for publishers to syndicate their content with a formal agreement, but the original publisher doesn’t want to be penalized for duplicate site content.  With the proper sitemap submission, you can establish your stake as the content originator.  Based on your website’s content, it is possible to have several sitemaps that are being submitted to the search engines.

Your SEO Solution

The world of SEO has many levels of complexity.  However, we have released a new set of tutorials that will guide you through the basics.  The SEO tutorials is a set of 4 videos.  With the information provided in the videos, you will be able to increase your site visibility and take advantage of SEO techniques that your competitors use.  As a bonus, I also recommend taking advantage of the Google analytics Setup & Google analytics tutorials.  With a total of 25 tutorial videos, you will be able to track and improve your web site traffic rankings.  These videos will conveniently appear within your WordPress admin dashboard and you will be able to view them as often as you need.  If you are a current client and your interested in purchasing access to these videos, there is a one time cost $49.90.

If you’re too busy to take advantage of the DIY videos, you can contact me regarding our comprehensive SEO product packages.