Speed Up Your Site Using CDN

You should be using CDN on your WordPress site.  If you don’t know what CDN stands for or you don’t know the benefits of CDN, you will want to play close attention.  CDN, better known as Content Delivery Network, is one of the best ways to make your website load faster.  Most technical minded people are aware of the benefits of using a CDN, but rest of you are probably scratching your head right now.  Every website owner should test their site using the speed testing tool at Google.  Even though Google will tell you several reasons why you’re site is ranked low, you will realize how important a CDN is for a site owner.

WordPress Sites & CDN


The average WordPress site owner is using shared hosting and all of your files are hosted at one data center.  Let’s say you’re hosting with HostGator, your files are located within the data center deep in the heart of Texas.  Depending on the location of the user, there is a high ping and latency, which increases the load time of the website.  If you’re using a CDN, the exact opposite happens.  All of your files, graphics and data will come from the nearest data center. Which decreases the load time of your website.  A great CDN service will have multiple servers at different locations.  And when you’re WordPress site is using a CDN, you are saving the your readers time and reducing the server load.

There are many benefits of using a CDN

One noticeable thing is your bounce rates will drastically drop.  You will see more readers staying on your site, because it loads faster than before.  It’s a well known fact that sites that take forever to load are the ones we stay clear of.  And we know that you will see improved Google rankings based on your site’s load times.

Even though our hosting provider has unlimited bandwidth, if you’re using a host company that charges you by bandwidth, you will reduce your hosting costs.  CDN’s are much cheaper than purchasing additional bandwidth from your hosting company.

CDN Recommendations

There are several free and paid options, however these are the most popular & dependable.


Amazon CloudFront


The most difficult part is deciding which CDN service you will use.  I guarantee that your site will benefit greatly from a CDN.

Here’s a video that explains everything you need to know about using a Content Delivery Network.