Why your email should be separate from your hosting

Can you afford to be with out your business email?  All of you will say no.  In the rare event that your business website is down, can you afford to be with out your business email?  Most of you can’t afford to be with out your email for 30 minutes or even 3 hours.  Your website might be down because of a hardware failure, dns issue, or financial issue.  Since email is the largest used form of communication for website owners, it is my mission and goal as a developer to make sure your lines of communication are continually working. However, this is can major problem for clients with certain host providers.  Have no fear, with a few simple steps, I can solve your problem with a fail safe solution.



The first thing you will have to do is setup a account with a DNS service.  The DNS service will give you a effective & reliable way to route your internet traffic through your infrastructure.  There are two DNS services that I recommend.  I recommend using a DNS service, such as CloudFare or Amazon Route 53.  I have experience with both of these services.  Cloudfare is a free service.  Amazon Route 53 is a paid service.  Using a DNS service also comes with some additional benefits, such as faster load times for your website, another level of caching and security (which I’ll go into more detail at a later date).

dns_diagram_0 overview

Once you have setup your DNS account, you will need to update your nameservers with your domain registrar.  Log in to your Registrars account (where you purchased your domain) and look for your NameServer settings. Remove any NameServer that you may already have and replace them with the ones that have been assigned to you by the DNS service.

Once the above steps are complete, your email is fail proof!  I’m sure you probably still have a couple questions.  So I’ve taken the time to list a few of the most popular questions/answers below.

  • Does this work with any Google apps, Godaddy, or 4 Corner Hosting?  You can use this with any custom domain (yoursitename.com) that you have control over managing the authoritative DNS for.
  • How long does it take for the change to push out?  It depends on your TTL settings.  Typically it will take less than 5 minutes after the DNS records are updated.
  • Will this have any effect on Google crawling my site?  This has no impact on crawling,

If you are having issues with your email, I would recommend implementing a DNS plan for your website.  And If you aren’t having email issues, don’t wait until you do.  Take preventative measures to make sure your email is 100% accessible 24/7.  Have more questions or need further insight, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!