WordPress 4.4: Responsive Images

WordPress 4.4 beta is currently available for download and testing.  One of the noticeable features is responsive images.  Responsive images are a very important element of site design, because of the multiple screen sizes that your website is displayed on.

WordPress 4.4 Responsive Images

With the average website page weighing over 2 MB and most of that is attributed from images, WordPress decided it was time to take action.  Screen density and display sizes continue to increase, which means that WordPress load times are becoming slower for people on older devices.  So it seemed natural that responsive images would help all users to view website content on all devices.  How does it work? When you upload images, you will notice that it crops your new image into a several smaller images.  According the an interview with one of the WordPress core developers, Joe McGill, “If the full size image is attached to a post, users on desktop and mobile devices will see the full size image. However, it doesn’t make sense to use the full size image on mobile devices because of its display and file size.”

Responsive Images

There aren’t any manual settings for responsive images, it is something that happens automatically on the back end of your WordPress site.

Additional New WordPress Feature

WordPress 4.4 can also embed rich content from nearly all sites that support the oEmbed standard — not just YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and the like.  You can even embed previews of posts from other WordPress sites by pasting the URL on its own line. ~ WordPress

The new version of WordPress is scheduled for release on December 8, 2015 and it also includes another default theme called Twenty Sixteen.  Of course there are a few other features that are being updated, however we look forward to some of the updates on the developer side.